6 Spiritual “R”hythms for everyday life

Each of the following describes an active rhythm or life-giving pattern which, when practiced regularly, deepens our connection with God and strengthens our relationships with others. These 6 rhythms (to relate, respond, renew, release, rejoice and reproduce) form what we believe
God is calling us to live out as dynamic expression of our core values.

By design human beings were created for relationship. At the core of each of us is a desire to be known, loved, honoured, respected and celebrated. This is not surprising given the ultimate love relationship experienced within the Godhead – Father, Son and Spirit. Everything about God is founded on relationship and often described in terms of family (sons, daughters, inheritance, adoption). It is from here we discover our identity and how we are to connect with God and others.

Since time began God has always moved first, revealing His heart intention towards all He created. This is no more clearly expressed by sending us Jesus whilst we were at our sinful worst. His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness are unfathomable and demands our response. Since God is always speaking and acting, it is vital we follow Jesus example by being attentive to what He is up to and responding by joining Him in whatever He has planned.

Renewal or transformation occurs in our lives as a result of a divine partnership: God’s regenerative work by His Spirit, our cooperation with His work and our use of self-control in what we allow to come into us. What we believe about ourselves is extremely important (Proverbs 23). Whoever controls our mind ultimately controls our life. With all the messages flying around us everyday (opinion of others, media, self-talk etc) it is vital that the truth we believe is based upon what God says. This involves practical steps of repentance (changing the way we think about God and ourselves).

When God pours out blessing upon His children, His primary intention is not that they would keep it for ourselves alone but that we would generously release it to whomever God invites us to bless. Whether it be a prophetic word of encouragement, praying over someone, acts of love and compassion or generously providing financial help, we are called to be conduits of heaven’s love.

Because of the hope we have in Christ we have great reason to celebrate and be filled with joy. Such joy is not determined by our circumstances but in response to who He is, has declared us to be, and His provision, both in the present and upon Christ’s return.

When it comes to disciple making what we believe we will reproduce in others. Jesus desire is that His disciples would go make disciples; based on the things that He taught and modelled to them. Because of the revelation we have received of God’s goodness, grace, love, provision and desire to do life with us we are instructed to go help the people in our lives to do the same.