A value is a belief system that assigns worth or importance to ideas, attitudes, actions, or things. Values are sometimes conscious and verbalised but many times are below the surface, unconscious and unspoken. Values determine what a person regards as good, just, worthy, beautiful and ethical and are expressed in our actions.

There are many things we value. Whilst it is tempting to list them all we run the risk of potentially saying nothing about what we are pursuing. The following is list of values that we hold as core to who we are and are becoming in Christ. It is the culture we are seeking to create and guard.

(Important note: We highly value the Word of God. The foundation of Scripture is an assumed value when the values of North Belconnen Baptist are stated)

Here at NBBC we value the following as core to who we are and called to pursue:

Our identity as Children of God

We live in intimacy with our loving Heavenly Father so that our lives embrace heaven’s perspective.

God’s empowering presence in us

Learning to host the presence of God well for His presence changes everything.

God’s Kingdom

We carry the presence of the King within us and release His Kingdom into the environments we find ourselves.

His Church expressed as Family

Relationship is at the forefront of everything we do since everything about God is relational.

Making Disciples of Jesus

Helping people change the way they think about God and what it means to be a follower of Jesus.