We carry the presence of the King within us and release His Kingdom into the environments we find ourselves.

We are people who are becoming more aware of His presence within us and are willing to release whatever He has given us in order that His kingdom may be more fully established on earth. As we do this we recognise that we shift the spiritual atmosphere around us to better reflect the kingdom of Heaven and to expose His goodness.

The foundations of His Kingdom are love, grace and power. This is not a matter of mere talk but a supernaturally empowered life (1 Cor 4:20). As such we live expectant of supernatural encounters that bring transformation to people’s lives.

Rather than living from a functional mindset of asking God to “get us out of this difficult circumstance”, we instead discovering who God wants to be for us, how He might provide and how we might grow.

Since we carry the presence of the King we also recognise we have access to Him. We believe all of the spiritual gifts listed in the New Testament are still operating today and are another tangible expression of His Kingdom breaking out. Therefore we actively pursue and release His gifts accordingly.

(Matthew 6:9-10; Luke 17:21)