Relationship is at the forefront of everything we do since everything about God is relational.

The government of heaven is in the context of family (God the Father, Jesus The Son, we as sons and daughters of Him and brothers and sisters to each other).  This sets us up for understanding what the Church should be like – a healthy, highly relational, family.

The concept of Church as family is a progression from seeing church as community, with high levels of commitment to each other. Such a family fosters a culture of honour, respect, unconditional love and mutual encouragement.

Just as a family shares life together we seek to practice the art of “one-anothering”. The bible mentions the importance of loving, forgiving, bearing with, honouring, serving, being devoted to, building up and encouraging one another at least 22 times. The implication is that this would occur throughout our daily lives (not just within official gatherings).

We celebrate the fact that each member of God’s family is uniquely gifted and has a vital contribution to make. In so doing we seek to encourage, empower and equip each person to pursue his or her God given potential.

(1 Cor 12:7- 10; John 13:34; Ephesian 4:2, 32; Romans 12:10; 15:7; 1 Peter 4:9; Hebrews 13:6)