Throughout the year Cafe L’amour sponsors identified projects in which we become aware of that seem to resonate for us.

During the period of March till June Cafe Lamour will be supporting the work of Horizons Community Legal Centre. Horizons CLC has been operating in north and northwestern Sydney since 2005, and in southern Sydney since 2009.

Horizons CLC is run by Waybridge Ministries Inc, a not-for-profit Christian mission organisation and charity.

Steve Frost is retained by Horizons CLC as its Principal. Steve is an experienced solicitor and is also trained as a conflict coach and mediator.

What Horizons CLC do

Horizons CLC can help identify whether you have a legal problem and discuss how to solve it.

In some circumstances, they can provide ongoing advice, help with specific tasks (like preparing court documents), pre-court/out-of-court advocacy and in court representation.

Horizons CLC direct their highest levels of help toward those with the greatest need.

If ongoing help is needed and they are unable to provide it, they will try to connect you with another lawyer or organisation who may be able to help.

Who Horizons CLC help

Horizons CLC serve people who:

  • Don’t qualify for Legal Aid and can’t afford a private lawyer.
  • Have cases that are in the public interest.
  • Have a special need because of the type of legal problem they are facing.
  • Are significantly disadvantaged

For future details on the work of Horizons Community Legal Centre go to or phone: 02 9890 1208.