Kids’ Church

During the school term Kids’ Church provides a space for children to spiritually grow in an environment that speaks their language. Kids’ Church coincides with the Sunday morning gathering, with the children transitioning from the main gathering after a period of communal worship. Kids’ Church caters for the school age of K – 6.

Parent’s room

A parent’s room is also available for parents with very young children should they feel the need. From this space there are windows into the main auditorium with a speaker system broadcasting audio from the main gathering.

Expectations for main gatherings

Here @ NBBC we believe children are as much the church of today as they are of tomorrow. To this end we try to encourage their involvement in the life of the fellowship as much as possible.

We acknowledge that some children have greater attention spans than others. The younger they are the more limited their ability to be stay focused. As they get older they have a greater capacity to listen, read and remember things. Either way they come with great enthusiasm and energy. It is our desire that our community express a gladness at having children in our gatherings. We want to be free from worrying about their behaviour and be open to receive their ministry.

It is sometimes said that, “Sunday morning is the only time during the week that I can relax and mediate and get centred. I need this to be a quite time, just for me”. If this is our expectation of our worship gatherings it is understandable that we might feel resentful about the presence of children during this time. We need to remember that communal worship was never intended to be a time for individuals to conduct their private devotions. Instead, it is a time to gather as community to worship God and share in a time of love, encouragement and nurture one with the other.