dwell 16

Love offering

Dwell is a FREE event. However in order to bless our special guest a love offering will be taken up during each session

About Jan Dowling

Jan is passionate about connecting people with Gods’ empowering presence. She is hungry to see others discover their identity, purpose and envisage a ‘wholesome’ perspective for their lives. For the past 15 years Jan has been privileged to work with Refocussing Therapy.

In 1995, Jan embarked on a journey to reinvent herself. Her education in nursing training and pastoring has been a great for runner for the successful adventure. She has been greatly impacted by observing significant changes and enhancement in the lives of others (as well as her own) through Refocussing. In the following years she obtained a Grad Dip in Pastoral Counselling (CSU) and Grad Dip of Social Science in Family Therapy whilst being trained, mentored and supervised in Refocussing Therapy by its author Dr. Diane Divett. This strong relationship continues to this day.

In 2006 Jan pioneered the C3 Counselling Service in Vermont Victoria which hosted a team of counsellors and psychologists who offered Refocussing as part of their professional services. In 2010 she joined the team of Life Builders Inc. which has freed her up to spend more time  travelling widely to teach and train at colleges, churches and ministry colleges.

Jan has been married to Neil for 38 years. Together they have four adult children, all married to outstanding partners and six adorable grandchildren!

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