Sundays @ 10

Sundays @ 10 is our main gathering which covers a cross-section of cultures, genders and generations. During this time we express our worship in various styles of music and song, words and action. It is a time where everyone (young and old) are encouraged to use the gifts and talents God has given them in service of Him and each other. Though the present format is in the style of a “service” we are experimenting with being open to what the Holy Spirit is wanting to do in our midst. In fact it is hoped He will hijack the proceedings in order that he receives the glory that is His.

Something to consider

It is sometimes said that, “Sunday morning is the only time during the week that I can relax and mediate and get centred. I need this to be a quite time, just for me”. If this is our expectation of our worship gatherings it is understandable that we might feel resentful about the presence of children during this time. We need to remember that communal worship was never intended to be a time for individuals to conduct their private devotions. Instead, it is a time to gather as community to worship God and share in a time of love, encouragement and nurture one with the other.